About Ankara Science University

Shaping the future, guided by grace.

Director Steven Bernstein DGA, ASC wrote and directed the award winning feature film "Decoding Annie Parker"(2014).

Director Steven Bernstein DGA, ASC wrote and directed the award winning feature film “Decoding Annie Parker” (U.S. theatrical release Summer 2014) which won both Best Actress for Samantha Morton at The Seattle International Film Festival andThe Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Feature Film Award at The Hamptons International Film Festival.

Steven Bernstein

Ankara Science University centers itself on the basic principles and objectives of education, in proportion to its equivalents. In addition to performing public, anonymous, mechanical and syntax processes, it prioritizes to establish and understand the whole code that will help humanity in learning the world around us in a deep, imaginative and practical way.

Possessing a positional understanding that transforms the boundaries, Ankara Science University realizes that the existence of a new mind can be achieved only with such an expansion. It appreciates the significance of representation and the possible capabilities of being in a particular piece of land with a topographic binding. It heavily acknowledges the potential structure based on freedom, sharing, pluralism, creativity and change as well as social and environmental responsibilities, the spread and expansion of international strategies, personal entrepreneurship and online programs with full use of digital technologies, and cooperation with the private sector. It aims to achieve all these through awareness towards values and differences.

Our vision

Ankara Science University aims to be among the most successful universities in Turkey, achieving the world standards. It targets to develop and disseminate the integrity of arts, ideas and knowledge that create, lead, participate and produce national solutions. It seeks to develop not only tomorrow's global individuals but also the society, and to contribute to the life quality of the nation, region, and the world.

Ankara Bilim University aims to have its graduates competent individuals in their fields. Therefore, it ensures that its graduates are people who have deep knowledge and skill in their chosen fields, and think critically and produce ideas about democracy, law, human rights, environment and many other global topics, by educating active and competent individuals both in their mother tongue and in second languages, primarily in English.

Our Mission

Ankara Science University aims to serve humanity by creating a learning, research and development environment that covers all sciences, technology, efficiency and art.

In Ankara Science University, education is not just a career tool. On the contrary, it aims to nurture students to learn and think. It intends to raise individuals, who are able to think and learn independently, through education programmes, scientific research studies, culture and art activities that span different areas.

The education philosophy of Ankara Bilim University is based on the idea that those who produce new information are the best people to convey the same information. The teaching staff of Ankara Science will set an example, spreading their academic research over a wide range. Moreover, Ankara Science University will provide a versatile educational environment, ranging from technology to political science, electronics to economics, fine arts to industrial engineering, psychology to computer engineering, and many other branches of science, along with literature and performing arts.


Ankara Bilim University plans a series of activities that will support its students to prepare them for business and social life as well as academic life, especially when the Bilkent Campus is completed.

With the Physical Education and Sports Center that will be created, it aims to prepare the environment that will bring healthy living habits to its students, to enrich the campus life and to provide students with sports skills they can use throughout their lives by organizing quality physical education, sports and fitness programs. With the sports teams it will include, participation in the local leagues and competitions that will be created by the University Sports Federation will be ensured.

In addition to the seminars and concerts to be held by the university administration, students with the same dreams and common hobbies will come together in the student clubs. Friendships will flourish, social activities will be achieved and students will greatly develop themselves.

Türkiye Verimlilik Vakfı

The whole world, including Turkey is  following the changes and developments in the field of productivity in order to prepare environmentally friendly efficiency policies and strategies in accordance with sustainable development targets and competitive economic objectives. This close pursuit aims to conduct research, education, consultancy, publication, promotion and guidance, measurement, monitoring and evaluation studies for all segments of the economy, establishing and operating institutes, research and education centers, secondary and higher education institutions. It intends to make studies and certification to develop a culture of efficiency in the society and to create awareness of efficiency in order to encourage programs and projects to increase efficiency. It also targets to contribute to the public and related institutions and organizations in the creation of solutions for these issues.