Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a rapidly improving field which relies heavily on creativity, fundamental sciences and analytic thinking. With digital convergence and the digital revolution in place, it is envisioned that Computer Engineering will be playing a major role in providing solutions for the issues of the future – while maintaining its place as an ever-growing, enjoyable and exciting profession.

The number of well trained and open-minded Computer Engineers needed throughout the world is constantly increasing. The leading economies of the world are aware that the only way to stay ahead is to be technologically successful – which leads to them providing opportunities to attract intellectuals to their countries. Our aim is to equip our well trained, open-minded and hardworking youth with information, practice, experience and awareness using the opportunities our school offers so that they may have an advantage in the national or international competitive space.

Our goal is to create qualified and in-demand engineers who are innovative, enterprising and globally vision holding. We look forward to having successful and intellectual youth among us, in the Computer Engineering department – the profession today and the future.

As a newly-established university, we hope to have young, dynamic and successful faculty members to join us and create a top-tier team.

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