Dean’s Message

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; It provides an environment that follows interdisciplinary and current developments, prepares our students for the globalizing world with an international quality education and helps them gain all kinds of education and experience on the way to becoming “People of the World”.

The departments of Management Information Systems, Psychology and Translation and Interpretation in our faculty aim to train their graduates for active roles in the business world, government institutions, academic world and international institutions.

Our faculty members in our faculty have completed some or all of their master’s and doctoral education at elite schools abroad, and many of them have joined the staff of Ankara Science University with their international experience.

Our faculty aims to apply 7 + 1 Business World Integrated Intern Education Model. With this program; While educating our students in the theoretical field, it aims to ensure that our students graduate in a fully equipped manner in theory and practice by enabling them to enter business life directly in the sector in the last period within the education program. In addition, we include our students in national and international project teams and prepare them for the academy and aim to ensure that they catch up with the sector. I would like to express that our doors are always open to learn more about the programs in our faculty, our lecturers, the opportunities offered and the projects ongoing.

On the other hand, contributing to managerial applications to science by developing projects within the field of interest of our faculty departments is among our main goals.

In this context, we are very happy to have a high level of interaction with both our students and researchers.

In an effort to make Ankara Bilim University a research, education and scientific interaction center where you can design and develop your dreams, I invite everyone to get to know our education and research programs in our University and Faculty more closely