Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Interior architecture involves the design services provided to turn ‘building volumes’ into ‘spaces’ starting from an individual room to large hospital, hotel, etc., interiors. On the other hand, environmental design refers to a scientific understanding of the uses of light, sound, air quality, etc., in the construction of interiors. Designing by taking into consideration the relationship between man and environment brings in the social and psychological dimensions to the design process. These properties of interior and environmental design refer to the complexity of the tasks involved and the richness of the design joy in this subject area.

The world’s growing population has led to the need for more and better housing as well as the need for new educational, commercial, cultural, hospitality and work facilities and their buildings. Interior refurbishment projects for historical,  traditional, industrial, etc., buildings are also a major area for new jobs. On the other hand, Covid-19 will bring in new critical issues and requirements to interior design thinking and for a new stream of interior designers. So, there is a growing and highly demanding need for more specialists in the area of the built environment, including interior designers and architects. In addition to this, the developing field of new media requires the knowledge and expertise of interior designers for its representations and communication in related areas. 

 Ankara Science University, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design aims to serve the needs of the society and the profession by preparing young designers for such complex environments and their issues through providing an interdisciplinary research and learning context

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