Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems is a field gaining importance in an enhanced fashion nowadays which concentrates upon both business and information, collating certain relevant aspects i.e. human, process, and technology. Experts in this field carry out the design and implementation of software targeting the increased efficiency of businesses and managers, which necessitate being beyond knowledgeable about the software. The majority of the courses delivered as part of the program are information-oriented, such as computer software, hardware, and networks. Together with these, through the courses given, such as the basic Management courses that include management and administrative dimensions, and courses like information technology law, it is aimed to educate the information managers and designers. In addition, MIS encompasses subjects viz. e,-commerce, e-state, e-invoice, business intelligence that assist managers in their decision-making processes.

Students of MIS learn about the ways through which real or virtual businesses are connected and operate collaboratively, and thereupon, they can ensure the data obtained via information and technology transform into information, which enables to ease the decision-making processes carried out by humans. They can also participate in programming, project management, design, implementation and testing that results in the dissemination of the information that is produced in an effective and efficient manner. Ankara Bilim University MIS department aims to educate qualified candidates for the institutions in Turkey and abroad, and to catch up with the new millennium with its English-medium curriculum and dynamic teaching staff. Graduates of the department can work both in Turkey and abroad. In fact, business analysts act as a bridge between the needs of business and technology. To that end, graduates of MIS take up roles of conducting businesses, solving problems that emerge and using the data obtained as desired, and they work as business analysts, information technologies (IT) consultants, system analysts, system developers, database analysts, web designers, network managers, information systems managers. They can also work as human resources specialist, business development specialist, project managers.

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