Rector’s Message

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From the beginning to the present, the basic function of the higher education in the world has become deeper and wider as a result of the changes and circumstances.

This function has been maintained by the models and integrations, which are determined by recent conditions and necessities as well as ongoing developments within the frame of “informatics” since Plato until 1960’s. Starting from  1970’s, the questioning style around a new question, evolving into an “ontological” process by considering the identity it exists with, and in terms of structure, according to mental confusion and counter play principle, has willfully caused it to be visible, and consequently, in intellectual reaction as well as in the status of gaining a new form and language from engineering to social areas with the quality of ‘speed and lightness’. Thus, universities’ ‘dreams of new touches’ pave the way to reimagination and  performance. Ankara Bilim University, as the main driving and organizing force with its ten departments within three faculties, is a composition of the practice of ‘sustainable thinking’ around the main idea of “reimagine the world”.

In this regard, Ankara Bilim University will continue to present its structure , which becomes evident with the main signs of education and training, by integrating it with its own unique profile, in order to remain privileged within the global higher education panorama and  to be a relentless performer of “innovation” in terms of tools and purposes.

Briefly and respectively , all these  can be listed as follows:

  • Unusual research,
  • An unusual learning atmosphere and achievements,
  • Social responsibility,
  • The rise of intuition,
  • Pluralistic environment and new associations,
  • Internationalization,
  • The existence of creativity and critical thinking,
  • Modelling based on individual priority and needs.

We said that “we” are constantly occupied with re-imagining our codes.

Let’s make it easy:

Just because “we” are the faculties of this university, we do not think different than you.

Yavuz Demir

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