Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the process of analyzing the user, domain and system requirements and designing, developing, testing, delivering and maintaining  a software product which can range from a single application to a computer based system with many integrated software applications. As in other engineering disciplines, Software Engineering applies standard engineering principles, using a systematic, disciplined and computable approach for the development, verification testing and validation, and maintenance of software. Software Engineering frequently requires creative designs to overcome difficult technical problems specific to a domain and avoid programmers’ errors. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year for software development, and for project success. Therefore, it is important to finish it on time and within the project budget. In order to reduce software project development costs, it will be desirable to have time-share software engineers with expensive and/or rare skills such as designing a good database and writing efficient SQL queries, quickly developing highly interactive graphical user interfaces, integrating machine learning tools and components to a decision-making software, and adding Artificial Intelligence capabilities to a software such as planning and problem solving. In order to speed up the software development process, it will always be necessary to work with a team of professional software engineers and this means efficiently managing a team and productively working as part of a team mandatory for software engineers.

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